Pascual Chavez Villanueva – «Come and see» (Jn 1,39) The need for vocation ministry


  • Premiss: Some significant events in the second half of 2010
  • Commentary on the Strenna 2011:
  • 1. Returning to Don Bosco

  • How did Don Bosco carry out this task of promoting vocations?
  • 2. A prior need: to create and develop a vocational culture
  • Life is vocation
    • Open to God and to others
    • Lived as a gift and as a task
  • 3. Aspects which have a special significance in vocational animation and proposal
  • Promoting a vocational culture: the essential task of Youth Ministry
    • Education to love, to chastity
    • Education to prayer
    • Personal accompaniment
    • The centrality and the role of religious consecration in the mission of the Salesian Family
    • The Salesian Youth Movement, a special place for vocations
  • 4. Conclusion. The beauty and the relevance of the Salesian vocation
    • The caravan in the desert
    • The dance of life

Reference time period: 2011

P. Chavez Villanueva, “Come and see” (Jn 1,39). The need for vocation ministry, in «Acts of the General Council of the Salesian Society of St John Bosco» 92 (2011) 409, 3-48.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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