Luigi Ricceri – “Letter of the Rector Major” in “Acts of the General Council of the Salesian Society of St John Bosco”

April 3rd marks the centenary of the Church’s definitive approval of the Salesian Constitutions, a significant milestone comparable to national constitutional anniversaries. This historic event highlights a century of the Salesian vocation’s growth within the Church. While we hope that the good work begun in 1874 will continue with God’s help, its success relies on the dedicated efforts of generations of Salesians. This centenary underscores the enduring and active commitment required to sustain our precious heritage.


  • A fruitful celebration
  • 1. Don Bosco saw the approval as God’s seal
    • Fidelity to Rule and Mission
    • The Constitutions grew out of a way of life
    • 1874: definitive approval
  • 2. A hundred years of fidelity
    • Continuing development of the text
    • Radical revision required by the Council
    • Thorough and conscientious preparation
    • A text less juridical and more spiritual
  • 3. The Rule in the mind of Don Bosco
    • That the Society may endure
    • The Rule the expression of God’s designs
    • Charity  in observance
  • 4. Practice of the Rule today
    • Emotional reaction
    • The Rule protects the individual and the community
    • The Rule favours Salesian communion
    • Fidelity to the Rule a matter of faith
    • A message for future generations.

Reference time period: 1974

L. Ricceri, Letter od the Rector Majorin «Acts of the Superior Counsil of the Salesian Society»  55 (1974) 274, 3-38.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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