Luigi Ricceri – Don Bosco saw the approval as God’s seal


  • A fruitful celebration
  • 1. Don Bosco saw the approval as God’s seal
    • Fidelity to Rule and Mission
    • The Constitutions grew out of a way of life
    • 1874: definitive approval
  • 2. A hundred years of fidelity
    • Continuing development of the text
    • Radical revision required by the Council
    • Thorough and conscientious preparation
    • A text less juridical and more spiritual
  • 3. The Rule in the mind of Don Bosco
    • That the Society may endure
    • The Rule the expression of God’s designs
    • Charity  in observance
  • 4. Practice of the Rule today
    • Emotional reaction
    • The Rule protects the individual and the community
    • The Rule favours Salesian communion
    • Fidelity to the Rule a matter of faith
    • A message for future generations.

Reference time period: 1974

L. Ricceri, Don Bosco saw the approval as God’s seal , in «Acts of the Superior Counsil of the Salesian Society»  55 (1974) 274, 3-38.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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