Arthur Lenti – “John Bosco’s formative years in historical context ” in “Don Bosco: history and spirit, vol. 1”

The series of volumes discussed here offers a comprehensive exploration of the life of St. John Bosco, contextualized within the significant events that shaped both the Western Church and the Western World during the transition into modern times. The author refers to this exploration as “Don Bosco, History and Spirit,” where “History” reflects how Don Bosco’s life unfolded amidst transformative religious and political shifts, influencing his thoughts and actions. “Spirit” symbolizes Don Bosco’s ability to discern, interpret, and embrace the challenges of this changing world as part of his vocation. These chapters originated from classroom discussions, with historical research forming the foundation and critical reflection involving both instructors and students contributing to the spiritual dimension. To enhance readability, significant revisions were made, including the addition of appendices containing biographical sketches and relevant texts for deeper understanding.


  • Chapter 1 
    • From the French Revolution into the Fall of Napoleon I
  • Chapter 2
    • The Congress of Vienna, the Restorationin the Kingdom of Cardinia
  • Chapter 3
    • The Land of Don Bosco’s Birth
  • Chapter 4
    • John Melchior Bosco’s Birth and Family
  • Chapter 5 
    • General Overviw of Sources
  • Chapter 6
    • Bon Bosco’s Biographical Tradition 
  • Chapter 7
    • Don Bosco’s “Memoirs of the Oratory” and Bonetti’s “Storia dell’Oratorio”
  • Chapter 8
    • A Childhood of Promisein Times of Political Upheaval (1815-1824)
  • Chapter 9
    • Trials of an Adolescent (1824-1830)
  • Chapter 10
    • John Bosco at the School of Castelnuovo and the Revolutionary Movements of the Early 1830
  • Chapter 11 
    • John Bosco at the Public Secondary School of Chieri (1831-1835)
  • Chapter 12
    • John Bosco’s Vocational Crisis and Discenment at Chieri (1834-1835)
  • Chapter 13
    • The Seminaries of the Turin Archdioceseand John Bosco’s Decisionfor the
      Seminary of Chieri
  • Chapter 14
    • John Bosco’s Seminary Formation
  • Chapter 15
    • Don Bosco’s Last Year at the Seminary and First Priestly Ministry (1840-1841)
  • Chapter 16
    • Theological and Ecclesiological Context
  • Chapter 17
    • History and Theological Orientationsof the “Pastoral Institute”—Father Cafasso’s Role
  • Chapter 18
    • Don Bosco at the Pastoral Institute (1841-1844)


Reference time period: 1789 – 1880

A.J. Lenti, John Bosco’s formative years in historical context  in Don Bosco: history and spirit, second revised edition, edited by Aldo Giraudo, vol. 1, LAS, Rome 2010.

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