Jack Ayers – “The «Salesianity» that wins all hearts” in “Journal of Salesian Studies”

The reader may be surprised to learn that at the first canonical assembly of Salesians, Don Bosco was equating fidelity to our Society with the broad road of “Salesianity” mapped out in such a human and holy way by Saint Francis of Sales himself.

In his mind’s eye the Founder envisioned the presence of the Patron (proclaimed only two months before a Doctor of the Church) as the ghostly gray eminence who was presiding in the Society’s chair of honor.


  • I. Salesianity-an Overview
  • II. Early Signs of Salesianity in John’s Life
    • Seminary Days at Chieri
    • The Convitto
    • At the Rifugio
    • Early Salesian Signs At Work

Reference time period: 1835 – 1877

J. Ayers, “The «Salesianity that wins all hearts»” in «Journal of Salesian Studies», 3 (1992), 2, 1-22.

Reference institution:
Institute of Salesian Studies
Institute of Salesian Studies

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