Eunan McDonnell – “Salesian imaging of God’s love without equal” in “Journal of Salesian Studies”

Francis de Sales’ use of imagery is an acknowledgment that reason alone is insufficient to plumb the mysteries of God’s love and certainly, unable to stimulate us to respond to the passionate love of God.

Images and symbols, on the other hand, can reach every level of our existence, rational, affective, unconscious, etc. They can evoke what is truly human and therefore, permit us to penetrate the depth of human experience, which in turn, leads us into the realm of the divine. It is Francis’ intention to arouse us through his use of imagery, to evoke a response to the love of God.


  • Francis de Sales’ Use of Imagery
  • A Love that Draws
  • Draw Us to the Odor of Your Perfumes
  • The Breath of God that Inspires
  • A Fatherly-Motherly Love
  • The Heart of Love
  • The Human Heart
  • The Divine Heart
  • The Crucified Heart
  • Summary

Reference time period: 1700

E. McDonnell, “Salesian imaging of God’s love without equal” in «Journal of Salesian Studies», 7 (1996), 2, 129-156.

Reference institution:
Institute of Salesian Studies
Institute of Salesian Studies

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