Antonio Dellagiulia,Giuseppe Crea,Joseph Jeyaraj,Lorenzo Filosa,Robert Ramesh Babu – The significance of the association between spirituality, well-being and perceived social support of indian college students.

Recent studies conducted in India have shown that both perceived social support and spirituality contribute significantly to increasing life satisfaction of Indian college students.  While perceived social support is a major source of subjective well-being for adolescents, offering them physical and emotional comfort and protection from stressful events, spirituality enhances their purpose in life, interconnectedness with others, profound inner life and transcending of ordinary experiences. This contribution investigates the association between perceived social support (Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support – MSPSS), spirituality (Spirituality Assessment Scale – SAS) and well-being (Well-Being Index WHO-5; Psychiatric Research Unit – WHO) in a sample of 954 Indian college students (Mage = 19.48  years; SD =.94; range = 17.34 – 26.52 years; women: 22.4%). Results show an association  between social support and well-being r(952) = .28, p < .001 as well as spirituality and well-being r(952) = .28, p < .001. A medium association is found between spirituality and social support r(952) = .51, p < .001. Gender and socioeconomic status differences are discussed in the text.



  1. Hypotheses
  2. Sample and Procedure
  3. Well-being Index – WHO 5
  4. Measures
    4.1. Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support – MSPSS.
    4.2. Spirituality Assessment Scale – SAS 
  5. Results and Discussion
    5.1. Association between variables
    5.2. Gender differences 
    5.3. Income differences 

Conclusion and Recommendations for Educators

Reference time period: 2018

J. Jeyaraj, L. Filosa, R. R. Babu, G. Crea, A. Dellagiulia, The significance of the association  between spirituality, well-being and perceived social support of indian college students, in Atti del Congresso Internazionale, Roma 20-23 settembre 2018, Vol. 2, LAS, Roma 2019, 264-275.

Reference institution:
Pontificia Facoltà di Scienze dell’Educazione “Auxilium”
Pontificia Facoltà di Scienze dell'Educazione

Università Pontificia Salesiana
Università Pontificia Salesiana

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