Luigi Ricceri – «Work and self-restraint»: the answer to upward social mobility

  • Summary :
  • The dream of Don Bosco
  • Searching questions for the 70’s
  • 1. Work and self-restraint, the inseparables
  • 2. Work, a school and prie-dieu
    • Work : a mission carried out joyfully
    • When work replaces prayer
  • 3. The teaching of the SGC
  • 4. lnvitation to an honest assessement
    • The fears of Don Bosco
    •  The Practical references in the Regulations
  • 5. Time, an asset and a liability
    • Assisting
    • How to waste time
  • 6.The aim of our work: evangelization
    • Spare time need not be wasted time
    • Conclusion.

Reference time period: 1974

L. Ricceri, «Work and self-restraint»:the answer to upward social mobility, in «Acts of The Superior Counsil of the Salesian Society» 55 (1974) 276, 3-40.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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