Luigi Ricceri – “«Work and self-restraint»: the answer to upward social mobility ” in “Acts of The Superior Counsil of the Salesian Society”

In this letter, the Rector Major addresses the adoption of middle-class standards of living within the Salesian Congregation, emphasizing its implications for their vocation and values. He underscores the Special General Chapter’s call to reject a soft and easy life in favor of Don Bosco’s principles of “work and temperance,” crucial for the Congregation’s progress and survival. The letter urges reflection on these values amidst contemporary challenges, highlighting the need to preserve the core tenets of Salesian consecrated life.

Summary :

  • The dream of Don Bosco
  • Searching questions for the 70’s
  • 1. Work and self-restraint, the inseparables
  • 2. Work, a school and prie-dieu
    • Work : a mission carried out joyfully
    • When work replaces prayer
  • 3. The teaching of the SGC
  • 4. lnvitation to an honest assessement
    • The fears of Don Bosco
    •  The Practical references in the Regulations
  • 5. Time, an asset and a liability
    • Assisting
    • How to waste time
  • 6.The aim of our work: evangelization
    • Spare time need not be wasted time
    • Conclusion.

Reference time period: 1974

L. Ricceri, «Work and self-restraint»:the answer to upward social mobility, in «Acts of The Superior Counsil of the Salesian Society» 55 (1974) 276, 3-40.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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