Václav Klement – Goodnight. EAO regional councillor (2014-2020)

The text concludes a six-year period (2014-2020) by presenting a collection of 72 regional “Good Night Talks” for the East Asia-Oceania Salesians and the Salesian Family. Emphasizing the transformative power of these brief daily moments, the author reflects on their charismatic significance, drawing from extensive visits to provinces and communities. The “Good Night” is viewed as a crucial opportunity for wrapping up daily life, building community, and approaching reality from a faith perspective. The collection, a product of ongoing reflection, aims to inspire Salesian leaders and members to value and integrate the profound and charismatic opportunity of the “Good Night” or “Good Morning” talk in their daily routines. Gratitude is extended to those who contributed to the publication of this collection in both digital and paper formats.

Reference time period: 2014 – 2020

V. Klement, Goodnight. EAO regional councillor (2014-2020),  DBmedia, Seoul 2020. 

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