Egidio Viganò – “Letter of the Rector Major” in “Acts of the General Council of the salesian society of St John Bosco”


  • Introduction
  • 1. The turning point ot the Second Vatican Council
  • 2. The four general-chapter stages
  • 3. New perspectives in the rewritten text: Nature of the Constitutions
    • Emphasis on the charismatic aspect of our vocation
    • Rererence to the Founder
    • Adaptation to the new Code of Canon Law
    • Concrete nature and compass of our Rule of life
  • 4. General structure of the Constitutions:
      • Foreword: Don Bosco
      • 1st Part: Identity
      • 2nd Part: Commitments made at profession
      • 3rd Part: Formation
      • 4th Part: Animation and government
      • Conclusion: Our particular law and fidelity

  • 5. Religious profession at the embryonic stage of a new era
  • 6. Some principles providing inspiration for renewal
    • Apostolic consecration
    • The oratory criterion
    • The necessary community aspect
    • Familiarity wilh Jesus christ
    • Formation to unity in a plurality of cultures
    • The ‘form’ of our society and the guide of the community
    • Perseverance in the way that leads to Love
  • 7. The urgent need for a concrete and methodical plan
  • Conclusion: The Marian date of the promulgation

Reference time period: 1985

E. Viganò, Letter of the Ractor Major, in «Acts of the General Council of the salesian society of St John Bosco», 66 (1985), 312, 11-47.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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