Pascual Chavez Villanueva – “”But who do you say that I am?” (Mk 8,28). Looking at Christ through the eyes of Don Bosco” in “Acts of the Superior Council of the Salesian Society”

The letter, written during the Christmas season, reflects on the significance of the Incarnation and the closeness of God to humanity through Jesus Christ. It acknowledges the joy of the Christmas message while also recognizing the challenges and hardships faced by Mary, Joseph, and ultimately Jesus himself. The author emphasizes the importance of recognizing Jesus’ true identity and responding to his call to discipleship with faith and love. The letter urges consecrated individuals to deepen their contemplation of Christ as a means of restoring religious life and finding certainty in God’s love. It emphasizes the transformative power of encountering Christ in one’s life and mission.


  • 1. Contemplating Jesus Christ from a salesian standpoint
  • 2. Jesus Christ in the life of Don Bosco
    • 2.1. The Christ of the Gospel
    • 2.2. Conformed to the image of Christ
  • 3. Jesus Christ “Apostle of the Father and the Good Shepherd”
    • 3.1 Gratitude to the Father for the gift of the divine vocation to all men
      • “Gratitude to the Father …”
      • “for the gift of the divine vocation to all men”
    • 3.2. Predilection for the poor and the little ones
    • 3.3. “Zeal in preaching, healing, saving, under the urgency of the coming Kingdom”
    • 3.4. Attitude of the Good Shepherd who wins others over by meekness and the gift of himself
    • 3.5. The desire to gather the disciples into the unity of brotherly communion
  • 4. Jesus Christ “our living Rule”
    • In the realization of the mission
    • In the life of community
    • In the evangelical counsels
    • In the life of prayer
    • In formation
  • Conclusion: “Let us be imitators of Don Bosco, as he was of Christ!”

Reference time period: 2004

P. C. Villanueva, “But who do you say that I am?” (Mk 8,28). Looking at Christ through the eyes of Don Bosco, in «Acts of the General Council of the Salesian Society of St John Bosco» 84 (2004) 384, 3-41.

Reference institution:
Direzione Generale SDB
Direzione Generale SDB

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