Arthur Lenti – “The Bosco-Gastaldi conflict (1872-82), Part II” in “Journal of Salesian Studies”

Thus the approval of the Salesian Constitutions in April 1874 was followed by a second and more bitterly fought phase of the conflict.

This confrontation falls into two distinct periods: (1) 1874-1877 (the last years of Pius IX’s pontificate) during which, albeit with some ambiguity, Don Bosco seemed to hold the advantage; and (2) 1878-1882 (the first years of Leo XIII) during which Gastaldi gained the advantage and finally prevailed.


  • Introduction: Establishing a Framework
  • Part I. The Bosco-Gastaldi Conflict from the Approval of the Salesian Constitutions to Archbishop Fissore’s Failed Mediation (May 1874 – February 1875)
    • 1. Recalling the Issues in Context
    • 2. Initial Action by the Protagonists: Renewed Recourse To Rome
    • 3. The Planned Spiritual Retreat for School Teachers
    • 4. An Incident Regarding the Giving of the Clerical Habit
    • 5. Don Bosco’s Acceptance of Diocesan Seminarians and New Appeals to Rome
    • 6. Further Episodes and Don Bosco’s Appeals to Rome
    • 7. Archbishop Fissore’s Mediation
  • Part II. Developments and Episodes in the Years 1875-77 Leading to the Break
    • 1. Don Bosco’s Petition for More Extended Privileges
    • 2. The Work of Mary Help of Christians (Sons of Mary) and the Salesian Cooperators-and Gastaldi’s Opposition
    • 3. Don Bosco’s Supposed “Suspension”
    • 4. Gastaldi’s Threatened Resignation
    • 5. Don Bosco’s Publication of Graces of Mary Help of Christians
    • 6. Archbishop Federico Aneiros’ Visit
    • 7. Former Diocesan Seminarian Father Angelo Maria Rocca
    • 8. Father Giovanni Perenchio and Father Giuseppe Lazzero
  • Part III. The Final Phase Of The Bosco-Gastaldi Connict (1878-1882)
    • 1. The Five Anonymous Anti-Gastaldi Pamphlets
    • 2. The Bonetti-Gastaldi Confrontation: Origin and Early Development to Father Bonetti’s Suspension (1878-1879)
    • 2. Development of the Bonetti-Gastaldi Controversy with Don Bosco’s Involvement (1879-1880)
    • 3. The Bosco-Gastaldi Conflict after the Appearance of the Defamatory Pamphlets to the Conclusion of the Bonetti Affair and the Concordia (1880-1882)
  • Concluding Comments on the Final Phase of the Conflict
  • General Concluding Comments and Evaluation
  • Bibliographical Note

Reference time period: 1872 – 1882

A. Lenti, “The Bosco-Gastaldi conflict (1872-82), Part II” in «Journal of Salesian Studies», 5 (1994), 1, 35-131.

Reference institution:
Institute of Salesian Studies
Institute of Salesian Studies

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