John Rasor – Early salesian regulations: formation in the Preventive System

The first part of this study, however, will examine that other body of Salesian particular law, the Regulations. It will trace their development from their earliest beginnings around 1850, the era of Father Rosmini’s and Father De Guadenzi’s Sunday afternoon visit, up to 1967.

Certain structural features are retained throughout this entire period, but after 1972 an entirely different arrangement is adopted as a result of the Second Vatican Council and the Special General Chapter.

The second part of this study will show how the Regulations’ structural development, and certain individual articles, shed light on the Salesians’ evolving view of Don Bosco’s way of educating. His method is called the Preventive System, and it is based on reason, religion, and kindness.




  • Overview of the Regulations’ Development
  • The Regulations for the Oratory
  • The Regulations for the Houses
  • The Work of the First Six General Chapters
  • The Preventive System in the Early Regulations
  • Individual Regulations Versions
  • Importance of the Regulations for the Oratory
  • Purpose and Components of Education
  • Reason
  • Religion
  • Kindness
  • Formation to Practice the Preventive System
  • Ongoing Formation and Meetings
  • Practical Training
  • Conclusion: The Salesian Spirit in the Old Regulations
  • The Formation Model
  • Role of the Preventive System
  • Role of the Director

Reference time period: 1850 – 1972

J. Rasor, Early salesian regulations: formation in the Preventive System, in «Journal of Salesian Sudies» 8 (1997) 2, 206-268.

Reference institution:
Institute of Salesian Studies
Institute of Salesian Studies

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