Francis J. Moloney – Salesians beyond 2000

In the article, Fr. Frank looks at the images of God and Community and poses questions that young people in Western Societies are facing on the threshold of the Third Millennium. He moves from the contemporary to the scriptural, and looks at the figure of Jesus and questions of discipleship as posed in the New Testament. What is the significance of discipleship in the Gospels? How does this significance speak to our reality? to our vocation as Christians, and as Salesians? These are the questions of the middle portion of Fr. Moloney’ s reflections.

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Giovanni Bosco – “Memoirs of the oratory”

Written over several occasions between 1873 and 1875, the manuscript of the Memoirs of the Oratory remained unpublished by Don Bosco’s explicit will. However Fr John Bonetti drew on it abundantly for his History of the Oratory of St Francis de Sales, (which found its way into English under a different title Don Bosco’s Early Apostolate) published as a series in the Salesian Bulletin between 1879 and1886. And Fr John Baptist Lemoyne included it in its entirety in the first volumes of the Biographical Memoirs, adding in other information and anecdotes drawn from other witnesses. The first complete edition of the Memoirs appeared in 1946. The decision to put the book in the public domain in its entirety was motivated by the universal dimension that the Saint has taken on, as Eugene Ceria wrote in the presentation: “Today Don Bosco has become part of history and also been listed among the saints.”

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Giovanni Bosco – Spiritual Testament

The sixth part contains most of what, in Salesian tradition, is known as the “Spiritual Testament”. It is a handwritten notebook entitled Memories from 1841 to 1884-5-6 by Fr John Bosco to his Salesian sons, where the saint, on different occasions, especially in the final years of his life, wrote exhortations and reminders for his disciples, friends, benefactors and Cooperators.

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Antonino Colajanni – Giornata di studio sul missionario salesiano Luis Bolla (Yánkuam’): Antonino Colajanni

Antonino Colajanni, antropologo, Professore Ordinario in pensione, di Discipline Antropologi che, presso l’Università di Roma “La Spienza”, ha riflettuto criticamente sull’apportosingolare offerto da Luis Bolla all’antropologia culturale

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Aldo Giraudo – Giornata di studio sul missionario salesiano Luis Bolla (Yánkuam’): Aldo Giraudo

Aldo Giraudo, docente di spiritualità salesiana nella Facoltà di Teologia dell’Università Pontificia Salesiana, ha fatto una lettura spirituale dell’esperienza di Luis Bolla così come emerge nel testo delle sue memorie missionarie (Mi nombre es Yáankuam’, Lima, 2015) e nel diario di José Arnalot (Lo que los Achuar me han ensegnado, Sucúa, 1978)

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