Francis J. Moloney – Salesians beyond 2000

In the article, Fr. Frank looks at the images of God and Community and poses questions that young people in Western Societies are facing on the threshold of the Third Millennium. He moves from the contemporary to the scriptural, and looks at the figure of Jesus and questions of discipleship as posed in the New Testament. What is the significance of discipleship in the Gospels? How does this significance speak to our reality? to our vocation as Christians, and as Salesians? These are the questions of the middle portion of Fr. Moloney’ s reflections.

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Antonio Ferreira da Silva – Patagonia: I- Realtà e mito nell’azione missionaria salesiana – Il vicariato apostolico della Patagonia Settentrionale

Dalla corrispondenza di mons. Cagliero, mons. Lasagna, don Vespignani e altri, si costata una voglia di autonomia dalle curie diocesane riguardo sia alla vita delle comunità religiose che al loro apostolato. Non solo le esperienze avute a Montevideo, a San Paolo del Brasile, a Cuiabá, a La Plata, ad Ancud generavano un tale sentimento; provenienti essi da Valdocco, portavano inciso nell’animo il ricordo dei difficili rapporti tra don Bosco e la curia torinese. Continue reading “Antonio Ferreira da Silva – Patagonia: I- Realtà e mito nell’azione missionaria salesiana – Il vicariato apostolico della Patagonia Settentrionale”

Giovanni Bosco – Exemplary biographies

The biographical profiles of Louis Comollo (in the 1854 edition), Dominic Savio, Michael Magone and Francis Besucco are among the spiritual and pedagogical documents which are most representative of Don Bosco’s outlook. From these stories comes a horizon of meaning, a way of thinking and acting thoroughly rooted in his cultural context. At the same time however, beyond historical contingencies, they highlight a range of elements which better illustrate the characteristic features of the saint’s spiritual pedagogy.

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Giovanni Bosco – Cooperators in the salesian mission

The first text (no. 272) included here is an extract from a long conference which Don Bosco gave at the opening of the Patronage de St Pierre in Nice, on 12 March 1877. After summing up the events which led to the founding of the first Salesian House in France, thanks to the involvement of a group of lay people belonging to the St Vincent de Paul Society, supported by Bishop Pietro Sola, the saint said that the work was only set up because of the fruitful cooperation between the Salesians and the Cooperators. Then, pointing out the principal purpose of the Institution (“the good of humanity and the salvation of souls”), he concluded with the reflection that we offer here, focused entirely on practical charity, works of mercy, essential features of true Christian discipleship and on the eternal reward that comes from it (cf. Mt 25:34-35).

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Giovanni Bosco – Sodalities and spiritual friendships

Christian education of youth in popular works with a markedly missionary character like the Oratories on the outskirts of Turin, frequented by boys who were mostly abandoned and uneducated, required processes that were gradual and geared to each one’s possibilities. The Companion of Youth offered a complete but essential proposal adapted to everyone. Starting with this, Don Bosco used the sacrament of penance, personal chats, suggestions of optional and practical devotions and offered books to read and meditate on. He set up personalised processes which were more adapted to youngsters who were more capable of greater moral and ascetic effort. Continue reading “Giovanni Bosco – Sodalities and spiritual friendships”

Giovanni Bosco – Recourse to public charity

As we have just said, for the financial resources needed to supply the everincreasing costs of his work, Don Bosco appealed to institutions: the Royal family, Government authorities, public officials (local council, provincial, state …), existing charitable organisations locally, the National Bank, parishes, dioceses, the Holy See itself through his best supporters, including the Pope.

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Gustavo Fabian Cavagnari – Salesian youth ministry and family in the light of Amoris Laetitia

In these pages I would like to reflect on youth ministry with a special focus on family. I hope that, by the end of this reflection no one could say that most of the considerations made were on family ministry rather than on youth ministry. Nevertheless, I think we cannot have a different approach to the subject – youth ministry – when as Church and as Congregation we have had recently at least three magisterial indications in that direction: the letter of the Holy Father on the bicentennial of the birth of St. John Bosco, his apostolic exhortation on love in the family, and the 2017 Strenna of the Rector Major.

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Miguel Angel Garcia – Personal accompaniment in the salesian educative-pastoral plan

In many a document the Church has defined the nature, goal and elements of youth ministry and has included it neatly in the methods of evangelization in its different stages. We can proudly say that the Salesian educative-pastoral plan has been, and continues to be, in line with the Church’s evangelizing mission.

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Arthur Lenti – Community and mission. Spiritual insights and salesian religious life in Don Bosco’s Constitutions

The present article is not concerned with the new constitutions. No comparative study will be attempted, nor any reference will be made to them. This would be carrying coal to Newcastle. I shall instead attempt simply to identify and briefly discuss some of the spiritual insights and principles for religious life and action which Don Bosco embodied in his constitutions.

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